For economic and ecological reasons, Multipor is interested in recycling as many of the raw materials used as possible. Multipor is thereby meeting the requirements of the circulation principle. This means that the products are reintroduced into the raw material cycle and can then be reused for other products.

Big Bag – a clever recycling concept

To facilitate transport to the plants, for a fee we provide Big Bags at These are used to collect single-origin Multipor residue on construction sites, and subsequently delivered to a Multipor plant. There, the materials are visually inspected and ideally reintroduced into the production cycle as single-origin material.

Stored on a palette, the Big Bags, which have a capacity of up to 1,000 kg, can be positioned on the construction site, filled, then closed and transported on the palette (including the return voucher).

And this is how it works:

Recycling Big Bags

To prevent any foreign substances entering the bag, it should be closed using the white, sewn-on straps after each use. As soon as the construction project is complete, or when the Big Bag is full, it must be sealed using the supplied, coded sealing tape. The return voucher must be filled out with the number of the sealing tape, your address, and your signature. Up to ten Big Bags can be returned with one return voucher.

Please note: If the bag contains foils, construction waste, or other foreign matter, the building material is no longer single-origin. In this case, the Big Bags cannot be accepted free of charge, but must be disposed of as expensive mixed waste on a landfill.

Multipor Recycling Big Bags
Multipor Recycling Big Bags
Multipor Recycling Big Bags