Multipor plinth insulation board

The plinth of a house is subject to significant thermal and mechanical stresses, so the requirements for insulation in this area are correspondingly high. Multipor plinth insulation board is more than capable of meeting these requirements – it is solid, weather-resistant and highly thermally insulating. Furthermore, as a mineral-based class A1 building material, it is non-combustible.

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Certifications from the German Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU) and Natureplus confirm its outstanding eco-friendly and sustainable credentials.  Furthermore, the A+ rating from the Eco-INSTITUT in Cologne certifies that Multipor mineral insulation boards are free from harmful emissions.


  • Does not burn, smolder or generate smoke – so no fire barriers required
  • Solid, dimensionally stable and pest-proof
  • Thermal insulation with a thermal conductivity/lambda value of 0.045 W/(mK)
  • Free from biocides
  • Entirely mineral-based, eco-friendly and recyclable

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Multipor - External thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)

Multipor ETICS – schematic diagram

Detail drawings

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