Planning and processing

Function of a capillary active interior insulation with Multipor

Breathable, capillary-active systems such as Multipor allow for a vapor diffusion stream into the existing wall, absorb the occurring moisture, and re-release it into the room through capillary action. The moisture level of the insulated thereby remains permanently non-critical. The existing wall remains vapor-permeable.


Multipor interior insulation system WI compact plus can be processed quickly and easily, in just a few steps. However, prior to processing, the quality of the substrate must be inspected and evaluated.

For the purpose of decoupling, the Multipor hemp-felt insulation strip is rolled out on the floor.

Full-surface coating with Multipor lightweight mortar, horizontal to the direction of application, is essential.

Position the board with the ribs horizontal to the slide direction and press on.

After pressing on, slide the Multipor WI compact plus by 2 - 3 cm so that the ribs collapse, ensuring full-surface adhesion.

Fitted pieces can be easily scored and cut with a carpet knife.

Any unevenness can be leveled using the Multipor sanding board. Faults should be patched with Multipor filling mortar.

Combing Multipor lightweight mortar.

Set Multipor mesh as reinforcement layer.

Smoothing out Multipor lightweight and reinforcement mortar.