Pitched roof insulation

Rooftop insulation systems for pitched roofs support energy-saving construction methods in residential and commercial construction. The massive Multipor mineral insulation boards are especially easy to process on roofs. Their breathability and fire safety make Multipor the perfect solution for above-rafter roof insulation or solid roof insulation.

Multipor mineral insulation boards and Ytong roof panels: the perfect combination in the Ytong combination roof.

Pitched roof insulation with Multipor - mineral and ecological

The Multipor mineral insulation board is environmentally sustainable and consists of the mineral-based raw materials sand, lime, cement, and water, which are mixed with a pore generator. These materials make Multipor an environmentally friendly building material. For its exemplary environmental sustainability, the Multipor mineral insulation board received the certificate of the German Institute for Construction and the Environment (IBU). Multipor has also been awarded the natureplus quality certificate as a sustainable and future-ready product. The certification of Multipor mineral insulation boards confirms that the product is toxin-free, does not generate any toxic emissions, and has an excellent eco-balance – from the natural resources used, to production, and finally disposal.

Benefits of Multipor pitched roof insulation

  • Highest stability and pressure-resistance
  • High thermal insulation in summer and sound insulation
  • Non-flammable building material class A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1
  • Aging-resistant, dimensionally- and volume-stable
  • Easy to process
  • Won numerous ecological awards

Technical specifications


Processing the Multipor mineral insulation board as pitched roof insulation is fast, simple, and safe. Boards are installed in a bond pattern, bonding is horizontal to the direction of installation, with joint offsets. In the case of steep roofs, it is recommended to install the Multipor mineral insulation boards in strips (beginning at the bottom).

Multipor mineral insulation board bonded to cleaned surface

Full-surface application of Multipor lightweight mortar

Cutting Multipor pitched roof insulation

Screwing in the roof screw on the Ytong combination roof

Fully sinking the roof screw in the main battens