Our value proposition

Unsere Leistungsversprechen

We always have the right solution

Our product line-up with Multipor mineral insulation boards is unique. We offer solutions for the complete building shell, from new construction to renovation. Our products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, and are optimally harmonized with each other. Therefore, regardless of the requirements, we can offer you the appropriate solution to build ecologically, while also protecting our environment in the long term.

We will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive consultation

Our sales associates are building material experts and DEKRA-certified housing health analysts. They will be happy to provide you with advice regarding your construction project, and are supported by our competent teams on the service hotlines and in the regional service centers.

We offer you transparency and efficiency

Based on the product overviews, you can easily calculate the needs for your construction project. This will quickly provide you with the calculated amounts required for the efficient processing of a quotation. With the technical parameters provided, the product selection in the initial planning stage of a construction becomes easy and product-specific. 

We provide support wherever we can

Thanks to our extensive network of production plants, warehouses, service centers, and training facilities, we can swiftly respond to your needs. That way, we help you to always remain one step ahead.

We deliver reliability to you

We make sure that you are a reliable partner for your customers by delivering your order on time, to wherever you need it. Whether it's a large or a small construction site, whether it's several tractor trailers or only small amounts - we'll even use special vehicles if needed, and we only work with trained freight forwarders.

We represent premium quality

For more than 80 years, our products have been fulfilling the highest demands on the quality and standards of high-grade construction products. In addition, our comprehensive product information and processing recommendations support you and your customers in always achieving the optimal consulting and execution quality.

We are developing a piece of the future

We put a lot of effort into the constant improvement of our products. Thanks to our internationally positioned research center, we can already work on tomorrow's building materials today. And in our comprehensive seminar program, we share our knowledge and our expertise with you and your customers. Benefit from our powers of innovation – set the pace and become the innovator in your market!