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Multipor mineral insulation boards

Multipor mineral insulation boards - building material

The Multipor mineral insulation board is a mineral-based and ecological alternative to insulation materials containing fibers or made of plastics.

The Multipor mineral insulation board is a massive, all-mineral insulation material based on sand, lime, cement, and water. It has been approved according to European Technical Assessment  ETA-05/0093.

Due their particular material structure, the light, manageable boards provide a combination of important properties: dimensionally stable, vapor-permeable, non-flammable (A1), and fiber-free.

Application areas in new and old buildings are, for example: interior insulation, under-sided ceiling insulation, basement ceiling insulation and garage insulation, as well as the insulation of solid roofs, pitched roofs, and flat roofs .

Another application of the Multipor mineral insulation board is as a building authority approved thermal insulation composite system (ETICS).


Ecologically impeccable

Ecological construction with Multipor: With declaration no. EPD-XEL-2009212-D, the Institute of Construction and the Environment (IBU), formerly the "Association for Environmentally-Friendly Building Material, e.V.", has classified Multipor mineral insulation boards as biologically safe and biologically recommended for construction.

Multipor has been awarded the natureplus quality certificate as a sustainable and future-ready product.

The ECO Institute in Cologne certifies that Multipor mineral insulation boards are absolutely free of health-hazardous VOCs, and that they can therefore be safely used as interior insulation.

Manufacturing of Multipor mineral insulation boards

The Multipor mineral insulation board is environmentally sustainable and consists of the mineral-based raw materials sand, lime, cement, and water, which are mixed with a pore generator.

No plastics are added.

Multipor Mineraldämmplatten Herstellung