Logistics services

Our tailored logistics services provide you with support at your construction site

Multipor logistics services

Construction site support

We will be happy to send out one of our demonstration consultants for a half-day of on-site instruction.

Unloading vehicle

Even if your construction site is not accessible for a heavy goods vehicle, we will deliver your order to the site. In that case, we will gladly provide you with an unloading vehicle. If needed, the transfer of goods from the trailer to the unloading vehicle is also a possibility.

Small amounts

Our carriage-paid prices generally apply to fully laden vehicles. However, we will also be happy to provide you with small amounts and deliver these to the building site upon request.

Unloading times

Our freight includes a maximum truck staying time of approx. 1 hour at the unloading site.
If you need more time, it's not a problem. For a flat service fee per started half-hour, the truck can stay longer.

Order changes

Are there some short-term changes to your order? We'll be happy to help. In the case of order changes after 3:00 PM, or even changes on the day of delivery, we will do our best to implement them.


You don't need the entire contents of the palette for supplementary products, e.g. U-shaped bricks, leveling bricks, or offset bricks? We'll be happy to reduce the palette contents according to your wishes.

Load splitting

You want your delivery to two unloading sites? In exceptional cases and by prior agreement, for a flat service fee we can also make this possible. In this case, the unloading sites may not be more than 15 km apart.
If you are a supplier and your warehouse is the secondary unloading location in addition to the construction site delivery, then the service is free of charge, provided that the distance to your warehouse is no more than 15 km.

Delivery slips

We will be happy to send you a copy of the signed delivery slip.


We will be happy to dispose of non-resellable materials, soiled packaging, and/or third party packaging for you. The costs incurred will be charged back to you.

Big Bags

We will gladly accept returns of single-origin Multipor residue. It is important that you pack the residue in our sealable Big Bags, confirm the single-origin in writing, and return to the delivering plant carriage paid.

If you have questions regarding our logistics services, please contact our local sales representative