Healthy living

Healthy living

People building or modernizing today want to live in a healthy home. Multipor provides the best foundation to achieve this. Multipor insulation systems ensure pleasant ambient temperatures at all times, protect against noise, and provide optimal fire protection.

The Multipor interior insulation system provides a healthy home climate in which allergies and mold don't stand a chance.


Biologically perfect for building

Some building materials contain toxic materials that may cause illnesses and symptoms such as allergies, headaches, and nausea in human beings. The mineral-based Multipor interior insulation system neither contains volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOC), nor formaldehyde. It has been inspected for emissions, certified, and is not in any way harmful to health.

Multipor can absorb humidity through its pores, store it, transport it, and as a vapor-permeable, capillary active building material, can also release it again. The result is dry building component surfaces with high alkalinity that provide hardly any living conditions for mold fungi, thus counteracting any hygienic deficit in the ambient air.

Save energy and feel comfortable

The inhabitants of a house expect excellent thermal insulation, because if the ambient temperature is right, so is the level of comfort. Multipor makes sure that valuable energy does not get lost. This raises the level of comfort and saves energy costs.

Quiet life, healthy life

High levels of noise pollution can result in long-term illnesses. Especially in cities with many sources of noise, the residential building must guarantee a good level of constructional sound insulation. The exterior noise input should be kept as low as possible. Traffic noise, especially noise created by trucks, is in the low frequency range and is perceived as extremely unpleasant. Multipor ETICS increases the sound insulation value of an exterior wall – up to 2 dB, dependent on wall construction. This makes Multipor one of the best insulation systems and ensures pleasant quiet inside a building.

Optimal fire protection for maximum safety

The all-mineral Multipor insulation systems belong to building material Class A and are therefore non-flammable building materials. In the event of fire, they do not provide any additional fodder to the flames. Even at the very highest temperatures, toxic gases, smoke, or dripping will not occur - an important aspect in view of safety and saving human lives.