Multipor ExSal Therm system

A comfortable, healthy indoor climate in salt-contaminated buildings

basement insulation - the multipor exsal therm board extracts humidity and salt of the damp wall

Remedial work is required to deal with damp, often salt-laden masonry in former agricultural buildings, industrial sites, churches, listed and historic buildings etc. before they can be converted to residential or commercial use or restored in a healthy, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Damp masonry contaminated with salts such as nitrates, sulfates or chlorides is one of the most common building defects, alongside poor or non-existent energy-performance standards. Until now, rectifying both these defects has been a very labor-intensive and costly process.

Multipor ExSal Therm now offers a single system to remediate damp, salt-laden masonry and upgrade the energy performance of the building at the same time. The system can be applied directly to the inner surface of the damp external wall to be insulated. There is no need to dry the wall beforehand. Multipor ExSal Therm draws moisture and salts from the wall and also provides a high level of thermal insulation to create a comfortable indoor climate.

Download our whitepaper and read all detailed information and facts:

Whitepaper - Multipor ExSal Therm - EN

Good reasons to choose Multipor ExSal Therm

  • Desalination of masonry

Multipor ExSal Therm absorbs moisture and dissolved salts in the masonry, leaving the fabric of the building intact for the long term. Sacrificial or remedial plastering is not required.

  • Thermal insulation

At the heart of the system is the Multipor desalination panel. Providing superior thermal insulation properties compared with the remedial plasters currently used, it significantly increases comfort and reduces energy costs.

  • No need for drying out the damp masonry

Multipor ExSal Therm is applied directly to the damp, salt-loaded wall without having to dry the masonry beforehand.

  • Fast, simple and affordable

Remedial work with Multipor ExSal Therm is faster, simpler and more affordable than conventional systems and has a significantly longer renovation cycle.

  • Balanced indoor climate

The system regulates the moisture balance automatically to create a well-balanced indoor climate.

  • Fire protection

Multipor ExSal Therm is non-combustible. It does not generate smoke or toxic fumes.

  • Healthy living

The system is pollutant-free and does not produce any harmful emissions.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

Multipor desalination panels are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are easy to recycle.


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