ETICS fire protection

non-flammable building materials

Safety through non-flammable building materials

Multipor mineral insulation boards are non-flammable building materials of building material Class A1 according to EN 13501-1. In the event of fire, they do not generate any smoke or toxic gases. Since the corresponding Multipor lightweight mortar is a Class 2 building material, the Multipor interior insulation system meets all the requirements of the building code for non-flammable materials (building material Class A).  Even at the very highest temperatures, toxic gases, or smoke will not occur. It therefore stands to reason that Multipor has been successfully used in many locations for underground garage ceiling insulations, or as an external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)  in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and other public buildings.

Multipor insulation boards prevent fire spread at Porsche restorer

The world's largest independent Porsche restoration company early911s in Wuppertal decided several years ago to use Multipor insulation boards in the context of comprehensive fire protection measures. In 2018, the insulation panels were able to prevent the spread of fire in the building and prevent further damage.


No fire barrier needed with Multipor ETICS

Multipor is especially impressive in the area of thermal insulation composite system. In the near future, the German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBt) will be changing the building authority approvals of ETICS. These changes will be introducing stricter requirements, particularly in regard to the use of fire barriers in EPS insulation materials.

New requirements of the DIBt

ETICS fire protection

These stricter requirements are not an issue for a Multipor thermal insulation composite system . A building that has been insulated from the base to the roof with Multipor meets all fire-protection and thermal insulation requirements, without the necessity of installing fire barriers. This makes the Multipor ETICS an excellent choice, especially for multi-story residential buildings. If the topcoat consists of mineral plasters and paint coatings, the entire system is classified as building material Class A2. It also fulfills without limitation the requirements of DIN 4102 on ETICS in high-rise buildings as of 22 m above terrain height.

The Multipor ETICS offers a unique and extremely well-balanced combination of the different requirements for modern ETIC systems. This allows specialist companies to subsequently insulate the most different types of buildings in a way that achieves or even exceeds the standard for new construction.