Ecology and sustainability

Ecology and sustainability

Mineral and ecological

The Multipor mineral insulation board is manufactured in an environmentally sustainable fashion. These materials make Multipor an environmentally friendly building material.

Multipor provides you with a mineral, ecological, and non-flammable thermal insulation, which has been one of the most proven systems in its class for 15 years. The boards are manufactured in an environmentally sustainable and energy saving fashion from mineral raw materials (line, sand, cement, and water), and without additional fibers, plastics, or toxic substances. Processing residues are completely recyclable and, as opposed to other insulation materials, will not cause a disposal problem in the event of subsequent remodeling – especially since our plants accept single-origin Multipor residue in Big Bags.


Environmental certificates according to international standards

Due to the ecological manufacturing and processing procedures, Multipor mineral insulation boards possess environmental declarations based on the international ISO 14025 standard.

This means: The products are toxin-free, do not generate any health-harmful emissions, and present an excellent eco-balance from production to disposal. The materials bear the logo of the Institute of Construction and the Environment (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.), which is found only on products with an environmental product declaration that was created or verified in an ecological assessment by third parties. With its "A+" classification, the Eco-Institute of Cologne also confirms that Multipor mineral insulation boards are free of harmful emissions.
In addition, the innovative Multipor mineral insulation board was awarded the "natureplus" quality certificate. This certificate confirms the ecological quality of a building material based on a stringent inspection of its sustainability criteria.

Resource efficiency in the handling of and design with mineral building materials

With the Multipor mineral insulation board as interior insulation, any house owner is now able to preserve historical facades. With an interior insulation, even possible regulations governing distance to adjacent properties become less important.

Through the constant improvement of the Multipor mineral insulation board, energy is being saved in many locations where it would have not been possible just a few years ago. Thus we approach "sustainable action" from a holistic point view, helping to leave a building culture in the form of monuments as well as preservation-worthy buildings and facades to future generations. After all, each year several large historical projects are insulated from the interior and energetically upgraded using Multipor mineral insulation boards, and are thus preserved for future generations.

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In 2012, the Xella sustainability report was published for the first time. It is based on the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a non-profit foundation whose objective is to make sustainability reporting standard practice.

Xella sustainability report

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