Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Tracking by DoP and ID number

Since August 2013, the European Construction Products Directive obligates us to label with a declaration of performance those products of ours that are subject to a European standard. Materials that are subject to the REACH Regulation also receive a safety data sheet.

In the context of this directive, Xella Deutschland GmbH is providing you with a digital solution for the mandatory disclosure of the declaration of performance (DoP).

On our bills of lading, you will information on the DoP, ID no., and CE marking. Using the DoP number noted there, you can easily and quickly retrieve the applicable declaration of performance and accompanying documentation online.  That allows you to forward the information to your customers by email, or print it out for your records. In addition, the current declarations of performance for our listed articles can be found in the Heinze product database.

Download the DoPs here: