Multipor - Xella headquarters

When it comes to highly thermal-insulating and solid wall-building materials and mineral insulation boards, Xella Deutschland is the national market leader.

All of the products by Xella have this in common: Ytong aerated concrete, Silka lime sandstone and Multipor mineral insulation boards fulfill all the demands of high quality construction reliably and cost-effectively. Because the various construction products are compatible with each other in terms of material, they can be used for the different applications in new construction as well as in renovations and modernizations.

A nationwide network of field representatives can provide you with technical consultation for Ytong aerated concrete, Silka lime sandstone and Multipor mineral insulation boards, and can also provide support as DEKRA-certified housing health analysts. They provide consulting to architects, processors, and suppliers on the topics of energy-efficient construction and the Energy Savings Directive EnEV. They are also authorized to issue energy certificates.

Ecological construction and housing health are essential subjects for Xella. Thanks to the specific product characteristics of Ytong, Silka, and Multipor, Xella is making an important contribution to the reduction of energy losses and CO2 emissions.

Ytong aerated concrete represents the highest degree of thermal insulation, combining load-bearing qualities with fire-protection.

Silka lime sandstone is used when lean wall construction is required to support high loads, and also provide a high degree of sound insulation. You'll find additional information on Ytong aerated concrete and Silka lime sandstone under

Multipor mineral insulation boards – the ecological insulation system

Multipor mineral insulation boards are the ecological solution for sustainable construction. Because Multipor an all-mineral insulation material based on sand, lime, cement, and water. Due its particular material structure, which resembles proven solid building materials, the light, manageable boards provide an optimal combination of important properties: dimensionally stable, vapor-permeable, and non-flammable.

Above all, however, they provide a pleasant, warm room climate. With the excellent thermal insulation of Multipor mineral insulation boards, the ever more strict requirements of the EnEV can be assuredly fulfilled.  With a thermal conductivity of up to 0.042 W/(mK), the insulation material significantly reduces energy consumption, resulting in a lower environmental impact and heating cost savings. At the same time, the optimal thermal insulation increases the value of the property. Furthermore, Multipor mineral insulation systems are vapor-permeable and can regulate moisture especially well. No vapor barrier is required for an interior insulation, mold cannot grow.  Instead, an optimal room climate ensues.