Multipor at denkmal 2018


Multipor convinces with its product properties and technical competence

With the motto „20 years of competence – 6 million square meters interior insulation“ , Multipor successfully presented solutions for ecological interior insulation at the trade fair ‘Denkmal‘ in Leipzig. Experts from all over Germany – mainly planers and energy consultants as well as employees from the building authorities and historical preservation offices – obtained information about the mineral and ecological insulation material at our Multipor exhibition stand, where the focus entirely was on interior insulation of historical buildings. For the first time Multipor was taking part in the set of experts seminars this year. With the seminar „Interior Insulation“ comprehensive information and the opportunity to a profounded scientific exchange of knowledge arround the topic of „Interior insulation within historical monuments“ were given.

„The ‘Denkmal‘ has been a very good and successful trade fair for us“, summed up Matthias Hofmann, Sales Manager Multipor. „Apparently, our technical competence was appreciated by the visitors and highly utilized“. During the trade fair days more than 250 expert discussions could be conducted, Matthias Hofmann further noted. „Those were all detailled and object-related technical discussions with entirely well-informed customers with a high technical affinity“, emphasizes Multipor regional Manager, Jens Hanschmann. The educated craftsmen possesses 30 years of experience in the fields of preservation and maintaining of historical monuments. As technical consultant for the ecological mineral insulation system Multipor, he particularly specialized in the interior insulation within listed buildings.

Generally, the main focus of the exhibition stand was on Multipor interior insulation systems. Therefore various detailled solutions were exhibited at the booth, while the concentration especially was on the example of a half-timbered wall, that had been insulated by the Multipor interior insulation system with clay. The individual components of the system (Multipor mineral boards, Multipor clay plaster and Multipor clay paint) perfectly complemented one another due to their building-physics properties and thus are the ideal combination for the energetic restoration of especially half-timbered buildings. The vapor permeable insulation system compensates unwanted condensation and sustainably prevents moisture damages. The result is a high-performance thermal insulation, a modern comfortable living situation and a optimal indoor climate. In fact, the historical and to be retained wall structure is protected and remains the same. Examples for already processed Multipor interior insulation in historical buildings prove the successful application of the interior insulation system.

In addition the fair visitors had had the opportunity to find out more about the Multipor External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS). As a 100-percent non-flammable ETICS (Building material class A) it is the optimum solution for energy-efficient and sustainable thermal insulation of exterior walls or external insulation in both new construction and refurbishment. As a demonstration, this video - showing the opening of a 20-year old facade, that has been insulated with Multipor ETICS – was shown at the fair as well. Within the video an independent suveyor confirms: Under the thick layer of rendering, there was a still stable, functional and dry insulation material. Furthermore freshly produced processing videos visualized the simple and fast processing of Multipor.

Specialist lectures at a high level

For the first time Multipor was also part of the specialist seminar series within the theme complex "Interior insulation in monuments". Frank Georgi, Advisor Technical Sales Support, gave a lecture about "Interior insulation - working in the long-term."

In detail his lecture includes the topics „Interior insulation & building physic – no big deal“; „Wooden beams & interior insulation – no contradiction“; „water absorption of building materials – no k.o. criteria for a working interior insulation“ and „long-term working interior insulation“. A wide range of topics, that generated plenty of interest.

The overwhelming response and positive feedback confirmed the team the right choice of topics and showed the high professional quality of the event. „Every lecture has been very valuable and helpful“, wrote Dipl.-Ing. Albrecht Heyde, Office for building renovation and preservation of monuments, Leipzig.


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