20-year-old Multipor ETICS

Outstanding: No abnormalities even after 20 years

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Multipor mineral insulation board, Austrian building surveyor Michael Hladik has opened the outside of an external thermal insulation composite system made from Multipor mineral insulation board on a family home in the Bavarian town of Stulln to see how it has withstood the test of time.

Built from slag bricks in the 1950s, the house was one of the first buildings to be insulated with the newly developed insulating material. The facade certainly looked good, apart from the inevitable soiling and barely perceptible outlines of the anchor fixings.

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Pictures: Dr. Holger Griebel

The surveyor began by opening the facade on the first floor at the corner of the window. This revealed a thick layer of rendering and insulation which even after 20 years was still stable, functional and dry. The second opening at a ground floor window sill produced the same results – despite the fact that the windowsill was flatter than current regulations would allow and since it had no reveal insulation, was missing an entire sealing layer. We could not have hoped for better results in these two extremely critical areas. Even after 20 years, the facade remains intact.

Samples were sent to Xella's Technology and Research Centre in Emstal to investigate where possible key parameters such as thermal conductivity and moisture content. These investigations confirmed the surveyor’s findings: The insulation is dry in the critical areas.

Press reviews

“On opening a 20-year-old Multipor ETICS in a critical area at the corner of a window, Michael Hladik confirms that the insulation is intact, has reached equilibrium moisture content and is fully functional.”
B+B Bauen im Bestand

“All in all, a very good result for a 20-year-old ETICS”

Michael Hladik - The building surveyor

Michael Hladik is an accredited expert witness and building surveyor specializing in rendering and external thermal insulation composite systems.
In 1987 he founded the Austrian Technical Initiative for Renders and Plasters (ÖAP), of which he was president until 2002. Michael Hladik honed his skills and expertise as a longstanding contributor on various committees of the Austrian Standards Institute and as member of the Austrian Societies of Construction Law ÖGEBAU and Thermal Imaging ÖGfTh.

From his practice in Natters near Innnbruck, Hladik offers expert witness services in building diagnostics, preservation of evidence and reporting.
He can look back on over 40 years’ professional experience in the construction industry, has published specialist literature and for more than two decades has worked as a specialist consultant throughout the German-speaking world. He recently set up the Austrian Technical Initiative for Window Sills.